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Oil and gas production

Reliable and high-quality pipelines are required for the production, transport, storage and processing of oil and gas. Adverse environmental influences and often more than harsh operating conditions are only some of the side effects under which production takes place. Aggressive and partially contaminated media place special demands on the reliability of the systems. Gaskets play a key role in the operation of safely and reliably sealing plants, pumps, apparatus, valves and flanges for media-carrying pipelines and systems.

Petrochemical and refinery industry

High pressures and temperatures as well as hazardous liquids and gases within complex systems with critical processes such as distillation and cracking of crude oil are typical distinguishing features of the petrochemical and refining industry. The sealing components within the systems must be permanently operated over long periods at extremely high temperatures and pressures. During the compression of gases, in addition to high rotational speeds, the flammability of the gases, representing a danger for humans and the environment, must be considered as well. High quality and reliability of sealing gasket are indispensable.

Power plant engineering

Whether conventional power plants that are fueled with coal, gas or oil or nuclear power plants, one thing always remains the same: All gaskets installed meet highest quality and safety standards. During the operation of plants, dangerous and aggressive media must be reliably sealed off without interruption, in order to avoid plant failure and to ensure safety and efficiency of the plant. High reliability and availability are the decisive criteria.

Machine and plant engineering

A long service life, strong temperature fluctuations and high material loads due to start-up and shut-down of the machines are typical characteristics of plant and mechanical engineering. The suitable material selection for each application with regard to temperature, pressure and medium makes gaskets adaptable to almost any operating environment. In addition to standardized sealing solutions, special designs for individual apparatuses and machine components are increasingly being used.

Renewable energy

Hydropower plants, wind turbines or solar panels are just a few examples of typical applications for seals and moulded parts. Ever larger plants and ever more extreme locations, such as wind turbines erected on the high seas, require not only a high resistance to strong temperature fluctuations, but also a long service life in order to keep maintenance intervals to a minimum. Depending on the particular area of application, the materials used often have to show several certificates and approvals, e.g. KTW (Material Contact with Drinking Water) or FDA (Food and Drug Administration).

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